Welcome to my homepage. Here you can find some technical articles in my blog but also some of my photos.

Some words about me, I’m a passionated Softwaredeveloper and a craftsman with experience of more than 25 years in the IT industry. I have a lot of knowledge about technologies from the past, but more I’m interested to constantly learn and improve my self with learning all the shiny new technologies, like JavaScript, Golang, Docker, and Kubernetes. Currently, I work at CHECK24 as a Lead-Developer who is responsible to maintain all the infrastructure which is running in the cloud within a fully Dockerized environment. But in my role as a Lead-Developer, I’m also responsible to teach my younger colleagues with my knowledge.

But since developing software is also one of my hobbies, over the years I also developed in my spare time since smaller projects, as you can see under projects.

In 2019 I found a new hobby for me. It’s about photography and flying with drones. And even I use digital photography for more than 15 years, I mostly used my cameras in the automatic mode. But last year, I decided to learn more about all the other modes, especially the manual mode and I found out, how much better photos I can take in such modes because I know much better what photo I want to take than the camera can assume. Some of the photos I’ve taken since then, you can watch here.